Talks Doshi:Carrying Kahn&Le Corbusier’s Legacy

Doshi:Carrying Kahn&Le Corbusier’s Legacy

Time:9th October 14:00-16:00

Location:Theater 3F


 Research Assistant:Zorawar Singh Basur

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About the Lecture

Le Corbusier and Louis I. Kahn came to India and Bangladesh in the 1950's as nation builders, designing congress halls, National Assembly, important schools for business and architecture.  How did they adapt their architectural style and techniques to the realities of India, at the time an ancient civilization in the process of becoming the largest democracy in the world?  Many claimed they had changed India.  Did India also changed these men and their architecture.

▲Le Corbusier

Doshi worked for Corbusier for several years; and later collaborated with Louis I. Kahn.  How was his career impacted by these experience and how did it in turn build up his influence in the architectural realm of India?  Through this amazing exhibitions and these informal research, we can start to find trace of clues leading to the answer of these question.

▲Louis kahn

The search for these answers also begin to bring to question more universal topics: What is an architect's career defined by?  It is the persisting propaganda , amounting to a personal brand?  Is it a heroic manifesto, revealed through significant projects?  Is it a reaction to the realities of the client and user?  In B.V. Doshi and his two master teachers, Corbusier and Louis I. Kahn, we find that besides all the above mentioned definitions, there's also a prevailing sense of search and wonderment, about the identity of a people, of the role of architecture in a historic society undergoing a dramatic change, and ultimately, about the relationship between people and their world.

▲Louis kahn,Indian Institute of Management,1974

India, at the historic junction between tradition and modernity,  was a place of experiment and achievement for these men.  India, with its rich and mystic history, its complex relationship with Western culture, and in the transition to a new nation, was in search of itself.  B.V. Dosh, Le Corbusier, Louis I. Kahn were a part of this search, a search that was for the sake of India, as well as for the realities and dreams of all human beings.

▲Balkrishna Doshi,Sangath BV Doshi's office ,1976—1981

About the Lecturer

James Wei Ke

Partner and co-founder of Chiasmus; AIA Architect; Master of Architecture in Columbia University, USA. He is teaching at Tongji University, Shanghai. James Wei Ke focuses on designing architecture which reshapes the experience of public space, and bridges the gap between space and human behavior. As an international famous architect, James Wei Ke is well-known by his cultural design projects: the U.S. News Museum, Washington D.C.,USA when he was 29, and the IFEZ art center in Seoul, Korea when he was 36. His design projects and publications had been reported worldwide on domestic and overseas media.