Talks Conversations with Architect

Conversations with Architect

Time:Dec 5th 19:00-21:00

Location:3F theater

Speaker:Yastaka KONISHI

Language:Japanese(CN Translation)

Academic Translator:Guo Yiming

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About the Lecture

Introduction of collaboration between architects and structural engineers through the following structural design projects:

Kengo kuma --- Museum at The China Academy of Art

CAt / Kazuhiro Kojima + Kazuko Akamatsu --- Tachikawa Daiichi Elementary School

Junya Ishigami --- Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) Workshop

TNA / Makoto Takei + Chie Nabeshima --- Jyoshu Tomioka Station

UID / Keisuke Maeda --- Atelier-Bisque Doll

Nakayama Hideyuki ---Curves and Chords etc.

About the lecturer


1970  Born in Chiba, Japan

1995  Bachelor’s degree of architecture, Tohoku Institute of Technology

1997  Master’s degree of architecture, Nihon University

1997  Mutsuro Sasaki Structural Consultants, engineer

2002  Konishi Structural Engineers, founder

2017  Musashino Art University, professor


2009- Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design Department of Environmental Design

2009- Kyoto Institute of Technology, Academic field of Architecture and Design

2010- Shibaura Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Engineering and Science Division of Architecture and Civil Engineering

2010-12 The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Division of Environmental Studies

2012- Tokyo University of Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture



2008  3rd Japan Structural Design Award, Japan Structural Designers Club

2013  24th JSCA Awards, Japan Structural Consultants Association


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