Talks The New Design Era And The Made In Italy

Speaker Giulio Cappellini
About the lecture

Made in Italy can only be supported by delivering high-quality products.

It doesn’t matter if the project has been designed by an Italian or foreign designer, the most important aspect is the quality of the object, which comes out as a result of blending technology, research and artisanal craftsmanship. The very essence of branding has radically changed in the last decades, and we must be aware that production and communication are now closely intertwined, since the market today is the whole world, and we need to make objects that can be sold in London as well as in Shanghai. At the same time it is fundamental that design always keep into consideration colors and textures of local cultures. Communication needs to send out strong messages and emotions that can make the final consumer dream.

About the speaker

Giulio Cappellini was born in Milan in 1954. In 1979 he obtained a degree in architecture and then went on to attend the Bocconi University School of Business Management in Milan. In 1979 he joined Cappellini S.p.A., where he initially focused on its corporate image before taking over the company’s management.

Giulio Cappellini personally handles the image and products of the Cappellini brand, not only in his role as Art Director but also as a designer. Many Cappellini products can be found in the permanent collections of the most important contemporary art museums. He also collaborates with opinion leaders in compiling various texts on the history of design. He was recently selected by Time magazine as one of the ten global trendsetters in the field of fashion and design and as ambassador of excellence of Italian design worldwide.

Giulio Cappellini is also Art Director for the Istituto Marangoni Design School and the Company Ceramica Flaminia, a market leader for bathroom furnishings, some of whose products he has designed too and Alcantara with which he is developing an innovative industrial and interior design project. He lectures as a visiting professor in many faculties of design and architecture throughout the world and organizes exhibitions and events, comprising the “Temporary Museum for Design” at the Superstudio Più in Milan. He also collaborates as project manager with Oikos and Tod’s on special projects with the involvement of several designers coming from all over the world. The most authoritative international design magazines have written about him.

Giulio Cappellini's past works

▲Some of his home design works

▲ Some of his space design works