Talks Meet the Norwegian Brothers


“Markus, What do you think about mom making a film about you and Lukas?

It’s a lot of work. But in like ten years, when it’s done, it will be fun to see ourselves as kids.”


“What do you think it will be about?

How we’re as friends and about brothers.”


From the film Brothers

A mother,  two brothers and a film camera that kept on recording the time of the two Norwegian brothers’ life, from the first day in school to the first piercing in ear as a gesture of teenager rebellion, the decade’s long film project created by the film director, photographer and the mother of the two boys,  Aslaug Holm,  also recorded a journey of the mother herself through revisiting her own family history and the rediscovery of her roles in life as a mother, a daughter and a filmmaker. The international claimed prize-winning film  Brothers is described as the epic poetic tale of boyhood growing up in the idyllic Nordic nature. Since its release in 2015, the film has won numerous prizes in international film festivals and has been shown worldwide.

In 2017, Brothers was screened in China for the first time at one of the films in the 2nd edition of the Beyond Frozen Film Festival. After the opening of the film festival in Shanghai in June, 2016, Brothers has been shown in many Chinese cities including Beijing, Nanjing, Shengzheng, Guanzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu, Congqing and many more.

On 15th July 2017, the entire crew of the film, the Holm family including the mother, the father who is the producer of the film and the football coach to the boys in the film, and the brothers, Markus and Lukas, will arrive in China. In conjunction to their first visit to China, the Beyond Frozen Point film festival will organize a  special event highlighted by the presence of the Holm family at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai. The audience will have the unique opportunity to meet the main characters of the film, the brothers, who today have grown into handsome young men heading to new adventures in life and to listen to the mother, the director of the film about the becoming of this epic mission impossible.

The world is preserved in images. Pictures are the samples of life and time. With motion pictures that add time in the tale of the images, we are invited to experience the world that the filmmakers created with images. Films provide us the entrance to both the world that is around us and the world that is built up by stories of the people who are willing to share their life experience with us. We can not stop time, but we can preserve memories of  time through images.  After 450 hours footage and nearly 2 years’ editing, 8 years’ life of the two brothers are preserved in a 110 minutes’ film.The Brothers started with the mother’s self-reflection on life and carried further by the two brothers’ growing up stories until finally fell back to the core of the film, which is the seeking of life’s true meaning through dedicating to one thing. In the case of director Aslaug Holm, it is the making of this film. 

About the creators of Brothers

Aslaug Holm is an awarded and acknowledged director, cinematographer and editor, together with her partner Tore Buvarp they cofounded Fenris Film. Since 1992 they Directed and released over 20 documentaries. BROTHERS has won several awards, the most important are:

Winner Best International Feature Award, HotDocs Int documentary Film festival, 2016

Winner Grand Prize, Taiwan Int Documentary Film Festival, 2016

Winner Norwegian Amanda for best director, 2015 (first time a documentary director/film wins best director in the 32-year history of Amanda, the most important Norwegian film prize)

Winner of Prix Trajectoires, La Roche-Sur-Yon Int film festival, France, 2016

Winner Audience Award, Nordic Docs, 2015

Winner of Golden Chair Norwegian Shor & Documentary Film festival, 2015

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