Performances Workshops 聚裂ReActor 2017

PSA ReActor 2017:The Story Only I Can Tell

Artist:William Yang

Time and Process:

05/12       get familiar with participants

06/12-08/12  work alone with the artist and make a plan of the performance

09/12-10/12  perform with the artist

Work place:Power Station of Art

Participants Qualifications:

  1.Ability to appreciate the expression of this artwork and possess a strong interest in performance

  2.Willing to provide relative photos (about family, personal...)

  3.Willing to share your story and experience with the artist and the public

  4. Flexible schedule with enough time to participate the whole activity.

  5.The ability to speak English is preferred

Number of Recruit:5 people

Process of Recruit:

If you want to join us, please send your personal information to this email: and please sign “William Yang , join in work shop”in the title.

You can add your name, age, gender and some special stories in the email that can help us have a first impression about you.

Deadline of apply: December.1

The chosen participants will be announced on December.3 after selecting with the artist.

Fee: free

Performance Day:9/12/2017-10/12/2017 19:30

Performance Place:Power Station of Art, 3F, Theatre

About the Artwork

‘The Story Only I Can Tell’ is the generic story of William’s life. His forebears migrated from China to Australia over a hundred years ago and subsequent generations adapted to western culture. William grew up in North Queensland on a tobacco farm. He has made his way in the world as an architect, a playwright, a photographer, a visual artist, a film-maker, and now a story-teller.

He was born of Chinese Australian parents and grew up strongly identifying as Australian although he looked Chinese.

He suffered because of the way he looked as he was not as he appeared to be. He liberated himself from social expectation, and his search for identity is one of the main themes of his work.

He is internationally renowned for his poignant work exploring social diversity, belonging and travel. From behind the camera, Yang connects with audiences around Australia and the world through his intimate photographs and observations of events and people around him. William Young's works, as commented by, subtly tears down the seemingly uncrossable barriers between people's hearts.

About the Workshop

Everyone has a story to tell. The story can help us to find the internal relevance between the family history and the personal life experience. It also can help us to perceive the social history. Actually, we are shaped by these unique stories.

In this intensive and intimate four-day workshop, William Yang will work closely with the participants to share research and story-telling techniques, empowering them to craft and deliver engaging performance of their own personal histories.

This is your opportunity to take part in this unique workshop, looking into your history to craft your story and find your own voice. Finally, your own story will be showed in the stage as a way of contemporary art with William Yang.