New Danish Modern

Danish design became famous after WWII for beautiful and functional products. People around the world were looking for something that could tell a story about a peaceful time for humanity. This new style was based on excellent design educations, craftsmanship, natural materials and cooperation between designers and manufacturers.

Classic Danish design had then a sense of social and environmental responsibility, which is also important for Danish designers today. Solutions that are practical, innovative and beautiful are still the hallmark of design from Denmark today. User friendliness, combined with cutting edge technology and planning for rational production gives Danish design an advantage in the global economy.

With the exhibition NEW DANISH MODERN, Design Denmark – the largest, independent design organization in Denmark – proudly presents a selection of strong examples from the past, present, and future of Danish design. NEW DANISH MODERNdemonstrate the continuity and the development of Danish design by mirroring the new designs with the heritage in various dimensions: Aesthetics, form, function, materials, and core values. Please, enjoy, and thanks to the participating brands, the curating team – Troels Seidenfaden and Thomas Dickson, and to the exhibition partners from Eniito and WOWdsgn.

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