Why We Design

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Publication Date 2019-03-01
ISBN 978-7-5321-7089-0
Pages 355
Size 787x1092mm

Radical, Perception, Democracy, us and them, System, Independence, Exposure, Public, Impact, Empower, Change

Dutch design collective thonik uses the above 11 key words to interpret what can be achieved through design. thonik clearly realized the meaning of social and cultural responsibility for a designer and as early into 2005 their design of logo for the Dutch Socialist Party legendarily tripled the party’s support rate in the country’s general election. thonik also designs for museums, art festivals and exhibitions, and their partners include the Centraal Museum of Utrecht, Public Library Amesterdam, Manifesto 9, International Architecture Biennale Venice, and the Spiral Art Center in Tokyo. In 2015 they designed a series of works for Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture (UABB) based on the concept of “Re-living the city”. Since 2013, thonik has worked closely with PSA through expanding its VI system and providing visual planning for its exhibitions and programs such as the Shanghai Biennale, Emerging Curators Project, and ReActor.

In 2019, thonik presented a namesake visual design exhibition in psD (power station of DESIGN), the Power Station of Art’s design center. This publication collects brilliant design cases and stories of thonik. Authors from different areas share their insightful understanding of thonik’s design concepts in the book, and talks and interviews of thonik’s two founders Nikki Gonnissen and Thomas Widdershoven through different phases of their career are also collected. In addition, the designing ideas of the book are completely from thonik, making itself a convincing practice of design.